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Dear Friends,

I'll be taking a break from virtual tours over the summer to focus on in-person tours and working on a new tour entitled, 'The Roman Origins of Trinity.'  I'll try to have that running in time for the winter.


For now, the only bookings available will be for tourists visiting Rome in person.  I only tour in-person on Mondays, but if you're in Rome and your vacation includes a Monday, feel free to get in touch.

      Your brother,


I thoroughly enjoyed the Lord's prayer virtual tour.  It really brought the common perspective of daily life and Jesus' words and actions to life in a new and more meaningful way.

Thank you!  I will never think of the Lord's prayer in the same way again.

Thank you! Your virtual tour was beautiful and faith strengthening!!

Many thanks for the wonderful tour you gave us yesterday.  We really learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of it.  Warm Christian love.

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