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Vatican Tips - Tetragrammaton Hunt

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Jehovah's name in Hebrew appears like this. It can be found in four places inside St. Peter's Basilica. It's free to enter the Basilica so no money goes to the church.

I don't run tours in the Vatican but as many brothers and sisters like to do their own thing and visit the Basilica in particular, I thought I'd post a highlights page here. This page will show where you can locate Tetragrammatons and other points of GENUINE biblical interest inside the Vatican.

NB: This is NOT the Vatican Museum. This is inside the free to enter St. Peter's Basilica. NBB: Skirts covering knees and shoulders covered too sisters - they won't let you in dressed immodestly. No shorts or vest tops.

If you want to wander and explore, I'd recommend a website called where you can find a numbered map/floorplan with detailed explanations of what you are looking at. I will refer to the numbers on this map as a place guide.


Tetragrammaton 1:

Map position: 58 Monument to Clement XIII

So here's number 1. It's on the right hand side at the far end of the Basilica. Map position 58 on the map above. If you can't see it, here's a clue: Maybe the Statue of Liberty should have a tetragrammaton too!

You will see two Hebrew sentences in two different places. One says 'Jehovah is Holy.' The other says 'Doctrine and Truth.' The irony of these sentences appearing in the Vatican of all places is easier to see than God's name.


Tetragrammaton 2:

Map Position: 19 Monument to St. Pius X

Here is number 2. This painting is above the tomb of St. Pius X on the left hand side about half way down the Basilica. Map position 19 on the map above. If you're struggling to see it, click on the links for clues:



Tetragrammaton 3:

Map Position: 19 Monument to St. Pius X

Clue: If you can see tetragrammaton 2, LOOK UP!!!


Tetragrammaton 4:

Map Position: 70 - Back towards the entrance to the Gregorian Chapel

Clue: Look up and look for Aaron again!


Follow up:

Why not have a holiday family worship on what it means to really 'know' Jehovah's great name. The March 15th 2013 Watchtower has a wonderful article that shows how uniquely privileged we are to know and bear Jehovah's name.

Thought to consider: As we know, 'Satan' and 'Devil' are both titles and not the actual name of God's enemy. Additionally, 'Lucifer' refers to the Babylonian dynasty and not God's spirit enemy as many religions believe. (See 'Questions from readers Sep 15 2002) Why does nobody on this planet know the name of Jehovah's spirit enemy? Why is he so intent on eradicating Jehovah's name? Why does he fail?

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